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There are so many reasons to love summer… For the creative forces at Ultimate Face Cosmetics, Summer represents a feast for the senses!
1. It stays lighter longer which is great for photo shoots and long walks on the beach.
2. Those crazy summer storms that spark creativity and a sense of feeling alive!
3. Fire works: they are magical, romantic, awaken your patriotic feelings and take your breath away!
4. Fire flies: The arrival of the lightening bug is how you know it’s summer! The little lights ignite feelings of nostalgia!
5. The Food: Summer time gives you an excuse to indulge in hot dogs, burgers, cold salads and most of all – ICE CREAM!
6. The incredible smells of nature showing off it’s potpourri!
7. Travel: There is nothing like the awesomeness of a road trip for inspiration and relaxation!

With summer engaging all of our senses – summer makeup must be addressed!
You might initially see red and think Valentine's Day or Christmas, but red is, red hot this summer! Red is a powerful color- representing excitement and positive energy.


Are you feeling hot, hot, hot?  Adding a lip color like Ultimate Face Marula Lip Velvet in Nirvana or Cardinal Rouge will be as bold and vibrant as you! Add some bright colors to you wardrobe and bring on the sunshine!


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