Meet Our June Influencer - Paola Lopez-Garibay!!

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Meet our Ultimate Influencer for June 2022 - Paola Lopez-Garibay
Owner of Carbon Aesthetics, Milspouse, NPC Competitor, Health and Beauty Enthusiast.

I am a Daughter.
I am a Sister.
I am a Wife.
I am a Goal Crusher.
I Fall.
I Rise.
I Make Mistakes.
I Live.
I Learn.
I am Human.
Not Perfect.
But I am Thankful.
I Try Everyday to Live Life with Purpose & a Heart of
I am ambitious.
I am passionate.
I am grateful.
My mission is to use my ambition in life to amplify the
the beauty within us.
Everyone should live their lives to the fullest potential; if there is a way I can be a part of that journey, that's when life becomes rewarding.
"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
Become a better YOU.

My Ultimate Face Favorites:
Lip liner duo- Color scarlet red + plum crazy
Liquid lip color- Color Tuxedo Red

Career Goal:
To partner with Ultimate face Cosmetics and create a product fit for athletes and on-the-go women.
To impact and empower the people I encounter.
To make people feel cared for, heard, and valued, and to create lifelong friendships.

Fun fact:
Photography is one of my favorite hobbies/ passions. Life is full of beautiful moments; you can make it a memory with one button click.

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