The Magic of Purpose Before Profit...

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Recently, at one of our presentations, we were asked " Why do you give back?"

Every decision made at Ultimate Face is always met with “Is this living Purpose Before Profit"? If the answer is yes, then we proceed. 

That being said, I would like to share with you what drives us to give back. 

We give, not because we have to, but because we have an inherent urge to give. We did not begin our charity work when we got successful. In fact, we didn’t know that we would become a successful company when we started our charitable work.

Even without any funds to offer, we knew that sharing our time, talents and ideas could have immense benefits. Ideas can transform others greatly. Many great things that have been achieved in the world have come from simple ideas. The benefit of sharing our ideas is that the effects will somehow come back to us. By listening to our own ideas as we share them with others, we put them into practice ourselves with wonderful results. We began unlocking our own potential of self fulfilment. It seemed like a miracle, but that is how selfless giving works.

What we learned: by giving whatever resources you have without expecting anything in return, you live a meaningful life. You get to realize your true purpose in a life and world full of challenges. If you find meaning in the lives of those in need and do something about it, you will also find meaning in your own life. You find yourself in better health and peace and you achieve more happiness. That is the true magic of living Purpose Before Profit.

- Gary

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