Angela Hoff - Global Art Director Extraordinaire

Posted by Lindsey Spellman Silvia on

For nearly 16 years, Angela Hoff has been the students' teacher and here is why... Besides being a great educator, Angela is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. Angela is the type of educator to whom students know they can go with any problems or concerns or questions. Angela possesses strong listening skills and is quick to take the time out of her insanely busy schedule for anyone who needs her. Angela is a teacher who demonstrates the journey and that is super valuable to students. She connects learning to real life in way that students appreciate. She demonstrates her art and knowledge in a way that resonates and makes sense to her students.  Angela understands that  students have a life outside of school and in life things happen and you must roll with them.  After all, she has survived multiple natural disasters of biblical proportions ( massive hurricanes , cyclones , tornados freeze etc ..) only to come stronger, more driven and dedicated to her craft. In addition, Angela is a masterful business owner and  we are proud to have her as our Ultimate Face Global Art Director!

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