Ultimate Face® Transformer Primer

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Ultimate Face® Transformer Primer is a clear, water based gel formula that primes the skin prior to foundation. Begin by milling the product onto your palette. Once you’ve milled the product onto your palette, load your brush and begin applying the Transformer primer to the face working in small sections from top to bottom. The water based formula can be used around the eyes and on the skin and lips. It also extends the wear of of all other products by creating a barrier between the skin and makeup. It can also be used to turn any powder into a liquid. For example, you can mix primer on your palette with one of our eyeshadows to create a custom liner color. It can also be used to create custom brow colors to match primary hair colors.

  • Clear, water-based gel formula 
  • Primes the skin prior to foundation 
  • Transforms any powder to a liquid 
  • Extends the wear of all other products 
  • Can be used on skin, lips, and around the eyes.