Ultimate Face® Capricorn Zodiac Bundle

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Capricorn: What are some of the correspondences for Capricorn you ask? ♑️🐐✨  You've got the Devil tarot card, the element of earth, the symbol of the goat, and this gorgeous collection from Ultimate Face! We created this collection with Capricorn's hardworking, reliable, and loyal vibes in mind. 

Liquid Lip - Gooseberry

Duo Pencil - Scarlet Red and Plum Crazy (FREE)

Your beauty horoscope: The Leader! 💫 You never run from a challenge, in fact sometimes you seek it out just to prove to everyone what you are capable of. And it's true, you are capable of great things with your dedication and passion! Remember to give yourself a break once in a while and treat yourself, you deserve it. Show off your inner strength with a bold lip!