Ultimate Face® Libra Zodiac Paring

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Libra: What are some of the correspondences for Libra you ask? ♎️⚖️✨ You've got the Judgement tarot card, the element of air, the symbol of the scales, and this gorgeous collection from Ultimate Face! We created this collection with Libra's intelligent, analytical, and reliable vibes in mind.

Marula Lip Velvet - Lotus Power

Duo Pencil - Shadowmist Taupe and Starlight Black (FREE)

Your beauty horoscope: It's all about balance! 💗 A bit of a people pleaser, but most importantly wanting to ensure all sides of the story are heard. You are always striving for the greater good and keeping your loved ones happy. Don't forget to give yourself a little love too. Show off your warm hearted nature with a pop of pink!