Ultimate Face® Duo Pencil

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Ultimate Face® Duo pencils are a two in one formula created for defining and lining. Available in 5 combinations, you can use them to line eyes, correct brows(Starlight Black/Shadowmist Taupe), and line lips in a perfect matte finish. If using pencils directly on the face – keep them sterile by sharpening them at least 3 revolutions in a pre-sterilized sharpener. Or you can mill the product onto your mixing palette and apply by working the product into a small brush such as an angle brush, lip brush or liner brush.

  • Vegan and cruelty free formula 
  • Two-in-one formula for defining and lining 
  • Use to line eyes or lips, fill, or define
  • Evergreen/Gold Leaf
  • Sapphire/Ice
  • Scarlet Red/Plum Crazy
  • Starlight Black/Shadowmist Taupe
  • Sunfire Rose/Sunset Glow