Ultimate Face® Sagittarius Zodiac Pairing

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Sagittarius: What are some of the correspondences for Sagittarius you ask?♐️🏹✨ You've got the Temperance tarot card, the element of fire, the symbol of the archer, and this gorgeous collection from Ultimate Face! We created this collection with Sagittarius' funny, passionate, and energetic vibes in mind: 

Marula Lip Velvet - Divine

Duo Pencil - Shadowmist Taupe and Starlight Black (FREE)

Your beauty horoscope: The Adventurer! 🏔️ Give in to that wanderlust and set aside the routines and schedules for a while. Let your hair down, stand in the rain, and feel the ground under your feet! Your strong personality and social butterfly vibes make you loved by everyone you meet. Show your inner strength with a graphic liner.