Beauty Airbrush Basics Funraising Class

Beauty Airbrush Basics Funraising Class

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This FUNraising class includes: Professional airbrush instruction, the Ultimate Face Supreme Kit (unless already purchased, see purchasing options), and a $50 charity FUNraising donation. 

Learn the basics of station setup, machine usage, product knowledge, controlling your flow, and cleaning equipment. This is a walkthrough of all the steps to successfully using and maintaining your airbrush along with sanitation practices for working in the field professionally. Learn the beauty basics of skin matching, trigger, feed system, and mix point. 

Ultimate Face Art Director, Angela Hoff will be instructing this class May 11 2021 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm central time.

Required materials:


If you have already acquired the Ultimate Face Supreme Kit, please use the "w/out Supreme Kit" option when signing up for the class. 

If you have acquired the Paul Mitchell Airbrush, but do not have the pigmented products, please use the "w/out Supreme Kit" option and purchase the: